The Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises for Building Strength


Strength training is a great way to build muscle and improve your overall fitness level. Strength training also has many other benefits, including improved balance and coordination as well as better blood circulation and oxygenation. But building strength isn’t just about lifting weights and doing situps – there are plenty of other exercises that will help you get stronger while burning calories at the same time! In this article I’m going to share my top five bodyweight exercises for building strength:


Plank is a simple exercise that can be performed in many different ways. The basic plank position consists of lying on your stomach, with legs extended and positioned directly below hips. While keeping your body in line (i.e., feet flat on the floor), raise one arm up toward the sky while keeping other arm down by your side. Hold this position for as long as possible before returning to starting position and repeating with other arm/leg combination if you wish to try something new!

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Planks are an excellent way to build strength through repetition; however, they also improve flexibility as well because they require moving joints through their full range of motion without using any weight or leverage from gravity like pushups do (which could cause injury). By focusing on holding these positions for long periods of time without letting go until you’re ready to move again—or until someone taps you on the shoulder—you’ll notice improvements both physically and mentally after only a few weeks’ worth of practice!

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Pushups are a great exercise for the chest, shoulders and triceps.

  • Begin with your hands shoulder-width apart, elbows bent at 90 degrees and body in an inverted V position (arched back).
  • Lower yourself to the ground until your chest almost touches the floor. Keep your core engaged throughout this movement as if you were doing a plank or pushup but without using momentum to lift yourself up again. You should feel a deep burn in both sets of muscles during this exercise—it’s important that you keep those muscles engaged for all reps!


Pull-ups are a great exercise for building strength and endurance in your upper body. To do a pullup, you’ll need to start from the top of a pullup bar with your palms facing away from you and hang there for as long as possible. Hold this position for 1 seconds before lowering yourself down slowly until your arms are fully extended at shoulder height.

To progress from there, try raising one arm at a time by moving up on other bars or rings until both hands are above the bar (or ring) with straight arms extended over its surface; this will help increase strength while further training balance because now instead of just being able to hold onto something stable with one hand while doing dips or pushups (which require balancing), now both hands must be able to support themselves independently!

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Benefits: Increased Endurance – This exercise increases cardiovascular capacity by increasing heart rate which means more blood flowing through our bodies than normal scenarios–making us stronger overall! It also helps build muscle mass gradually so even if someone doesn’t have much physical size yet they can still get stronger quickly just by practicing these daily routines regularly!

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The squat is an exercise that will help you develop strength in the quadriceps, gluteal muscles and hip flexors. It’s also a great way to build muscular endurance as well as develop power through your legs.

To do a squat:

  • Stand up with feet shoulder width apart and toes pointed forward; keep back straight or slightly arched (you should not round your back).
  • Brace core by contracting abdominals, tucking in shoulders and bringing rib cage towards pelvis to stabilize spine during movement; this will help prevent injury from too much stress on joints or ligaments which can occur if you lean too far forward or back when performing this move correctly.


A deadlift is a compound exercise that involves lifting an object from the ground to your hips. It’s one of the most effective ways to build strength and improve your posture, which is important for all types of athletes.

The benefits of deadlifting include building lean muscle mass, improving flexibility, increasing stability in your core muscles, strengthening your lower back and knees; increasing hip mobility; decreasing pain in joints like those around the knee or ankle (especially if you suffer from arthritis); decreasing stress on tendons or ligaments (which can lead to injury) by strengthening them instead of relying on poor movement patterns that cause strain–and probably more!

A strong body is a valuable asset to have.

A strong body is a valuable asset to have. A strong body can help you do more things, like run faster or lift heavier weights in the gym. It’s also important for your overall health and well-being because it makes you less likely to get injured—a healthy lifestyle means that you’ll be able to stay active throughout your life.

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A strong body will make sure that when something goes wrong with your body, there’s someone who knows how to fix it! If something happens (like an injury), having an expert nearby will prevent further damage from occurring while also helping treat any existing problems quickly so they don’t become chronic conditions over time.*


Strength is the key to a strong body. If you want to build strength, it’s important that you do exercises that work your whole body at once and use as much muscle as possible. Here are five bodyweight exercises that will help you gain strength and tone up:


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